Several missions of consulting and assistance to governmental institutions, administrative, banking, development agencies, … in the areas of regional development, industry development and entrepreneurship were carried out in Tunisia and [...]
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We carried out studies of Public Private Partnership projects, in particular concession of public services or infrastructure and missions of monitoring and evaluation of road and electrical projects. See references [...]
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Tourism and Leisure
Numerous studies of tourist accommodation projects (hotels), studies of financial restructuring of tourism companies, studies of leisure projects, have given us an understanding of this growing market but respecting the [...]
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Telecom and IT
Various missions including sectoral study, strategic study of companies, concessions of public services, privatization of public companies, studies of projects, constitution and management of IT funds, etc. These different missions [...]
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Energy and Hydrocarbons
In this sector we have carried out sector studies, environmental impact studies, including oil drilling, studies of hydrocarbon field projects, studies of photovoltaic power plant projects, etc.   See references [...]
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Mines and Chemical industry
In this sector, our work in Tunisia concerned the phosphate and phosphatic chemical industries, the exploitation of sodium, potassium and gypsum salts as well as numerous quarries for construction materials, [...]
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Manufacturing industry
In the building materials industry, we have studied the project or the extension or restructuring of brick factories, marble works, ceramic tile factories, tile factories, manufactured concrete units. etc. In [...]
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Agriculture and food industry
In this field, we have carried out numerous project studies which include several branches, in particular greenhouse agriculture heated by geothermal hot water, dairy cattle breeding, poultry slaughter, dairy plants, [...]
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