BMC is organized into two departments:

Institutional Department

This department includes services to public bodies and institutions (governments, administrations and government agencies, multilateral development agencies, development agencies, international financial institutions, trade union chambers, etc.).
The services of this department are as follows:

Private Sector Development Studies,
Sector studies,
Administrative organization,
Promoter coaching,
Regional Development Studies,
Training and capacity building of administrations,
Study of Public Private Partnership projects,
Monitoring-Evaluation of projects and program.

Corporate Department

The services of this department concern Strategy, Organization, Finance and Corporate Projects:
In the area of Strategy our services include:

Market research
Strategic diagnosis
Strategic planning
Business plan development
The search for strategic partners
The reconversion of activities

In Organization, we provide the following Services:

Diagnosis and Organization of the Technical Service and Production (Studies, Methods, Workshops)
Diagnosis and organization of the Maintenance department
Diagnosis and organization of the Supply and Storage department
Diagnosis and organization of the Human Resources department
Diagnosis and organization of the sales and marketing department
Organization chart and procedures manual

In Finance, our services include:

Financial diagnosis
Financial restructuring
Budgeting and financial planning
M & A transactions
Business valuation

In Project, we offer the following services:

Feasibility study of projects,
Search for funding and fundraising,
Safety and hazard studies,
Environmental impact studies,
Assistance for project management

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